Product FAQ

This page shows common user questions. For enquiries please go to to fill in the support form.

Why is my KYC stuck?

  • Make sure all the details on the document are clearly visible, blurry image may case unnecessarily rejections.

  • Make sure the user is not hiding any mandatory data filed intentionally/unintentionally.

  • We do not accept B&W copy, screenshot, internet copy or sample documents, these will cause the ID rejections.

  • It is advisable to take ID photos horizontally (not angled) with the right side up, it is easy for system to read the ID with high accuracy.

  • Make sure the ID is not teared or broken in two pieces.

  • Even for the testnet, do not submit a fake ID as the system will identify it and reject your KYC.

  • If your KYC does not work and gets stuck for a long time, please try to manually log out of your Algomint account (not waiting till time-out) and log back in again, this should allow you to re-submit your KYC. Alternatively, go to and fill the support form, asking us to delete your account so you can register and do KYC again. Alternatively, try register with a different email address.

  • If you use iPhone, go to Setting - Safari/Chrome - SETTINGS FOR WEBSITES - Camera, select 'Ask' or 'Allow'. If still doesn't work, disable popup blocker.

Why am I unable to add a wallet?

Here are some common reasons:

  • Duplicated wallet in the same account

  • Wallet address matches one that is in use by another Algomint account

  • Invalid wallet address format

What if I need to mint large amounts above the threshold of 1 BTC and 10 ETH?

Please go to and fill in the support form, clearly list your request, and our support team will escalate to operations for assistance.

I haven't received my goBTC or goETH and it's been a while. What do I do?

It can take an hour for BTC or 15 minutes for ETH to be confirmed due to their slow network speed, sometimes a few hours. Please be patient - if you have done everything right, your fund will come through. You will never have to experience this speed again once your assets are on Algorand!

I have done something wrong, messed up the transaction and lost my asset. What do I do now?

As long as we could confirm that your missing fund has been received by us, we will be able to provide you with a refund minus the gas fees. Please go to and log a support case, providing the below information in text:

  1. Your account email address

  2. Wallet address deposited from

  3. Wallet address deposited to

  4. The transaction hash/link

  5. Algorand wallet address linked to this transaction

  6. The exact amount you entered

By default, we will refund in goBTC or goETH by depositing into your Algorand wallet address to avoid further gas/miner fee charges.

Either way, your gas fee will be charged.

In some cases we may not be able to help you retrieve the funds, for example, when you have sent the mainnet asset to a wallet generated by Algomint testnet. Or if your fund has dropped to zero after the gas deduction. Or if you have sent the funds to someone else's wallet or a wallet which doesn't exist. In those cases, we unfortunately will not be able to help you, and wish you apply caution in your next trade.

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